Welcome to AJ Signal Boosters

We offer high quality signal boosters for the main UK networks, offering a range of boosters to suit all requirements from small to extra large premises.

All signal boosters come ready to setup and have been tested to ensure they are working as promised. Choose a signal booster based on your mobile network needs.

How to choose the perfect signal booster

Signal boosters come in all shapes and sizes, with options available for small home and all the way up to large office premises and factories. Choosing the correct signal booster can be complicated, but it does not need to be. First you should decide what network you wish to boost signal on, this will affect which bands your signal booster needs to support. For example, here in the UK Vodafone and O2 use the 900mhz band for voice calls, this means that a 900mhz signal booster will allow increased signal for voice calls on O2, Vodafone and any other networks that use this band. Dual band or Tri band signal boosters allow you to support more than one band, if you wanted to support a range of networks, or boost voice signal along with 3G or 4G mobile internet.

Once you have chosen the correct band for your signal booster, next you should decide over what area you wish to boost signal, for example, a small home can be covered with a low powered booster, whereas if you wanted to increase signal over a much larger area, you would need a powerful booster which may include more than one indoor antenna.